27-04-2019 16:00 - 23:00 @ Twee Netenstraat 13a, 2060 Antwerpen

De nieuwe editie van Slaughterfest komt eraan. Deze keer met 6 ipv 5 groepen. En weeral kwalitatief metaal uit de buurt in de geweldige locatie van de oude slachthuishallen van de Antwerpse Damwijk.


Full Line up
  • 19:00 Seethr
  • 20:00 Ihloosurie
  • 21:00 My Lament
  • 22:00 Onrust
  • 23:00 Incinerate

Deuren 18:00, toegang gratis

Over de groepen

Seethr - 19:00

Filthy, sludgy, atmospheric black metal from Antwerp. Raging drums, down tuned riffs and rumbling bass topped with icy cold shattering female vocals as from Lucifer himself. Blaaahrgh! Facebook page

Logo Seethr

Ihloosuhree - 20:00

Ihloosuhree brings us unconventional Black Metal; intricate song structures, torching riffs digging their path through this filthy world. Facebook page

Logo Incinerate

My Lament - 21:00

My Lament is a melodic death doom metal band from Antwerp, formed in 2002, playing music similar to Novembers Doom and My Dying Bride. The band recorded their first full-length album “Broken Leaf” in 2008, releasing it to critical acclaim in 2009 via the Russian doom metal label, “Solitude Productions”. This gave way to bigger concerts and a successful new phase in My Lament history. They have toured in the Benelux and abroad playing together with acts such as Esoteric, Doomed, Officium Triste, Et Moriemur, Marche Funèbre, Lying Figures, and many others. After a new solid line-up was formed in 2016, and invigorated by new influences, the band is on its way to their most prolific age yet, ready to record a new album in 2019. Facebook page

Logo My Lament

Onrust - 22:00

We can be short on this band: one of the best kept secrets of post metal in Belgium. Period. Facebook page

Logo Onrust

Incinerate - 23:00

Ripping up the underground scene since 2008, Incinerate brings to stage an aggressive mix between Death- and Thrash metal. With Nils on Bass and Vocals, Matthias his guitar and Michael providing blasting drums, this Antwerp based power trio blows you away with the power of a ten ton hammer smashing all in it’s path. They are currently writing a follow up to their long awaited first album from 2015, ‘Amazon Violence’. Facebook page

Logo Incinerate

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Datum: 27-04-2019
Van: 16:00
Tot: 23:00
Waar: Twee Netenstraat 13a, 2060 Antwerpen